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PCR Naming Rights Sponsor - Gobsmacked Sports Mouthguards


Renowned for our superior quality custom mouthguards, Gobsmacked Sports Mouthguards use the latest patented technologies and products during manufacturing. ALL our mouthguards are produced with comfort and function in mind and are specially designed to enhance both speech and breathing.

Gobsmacked Sports Mouthguards are the Official WA State Distributor for AirGARDTM and HIGRIP AirGARDTM DIYmouthguards. Proven by scientific research, our AirGARDTM mouthguard products are 30% more protective than any other custom mouthguard on the market. This is achieved via the advanced air cell technology AirGARDTM, containing air cells that replicate heavy-duty bubble wrap for your teeth and jaw. Our mouthguards are professionally made and customised to suit every individual. We firmly believe that all sports players from novice to elite participants should be fitted with a professionally endorsed mouthguard.

A local WA family owned and operated business with more than 40+ years in the industry and 15+ years specialising in custom mouthguards, our expert team completely understand the severity and unpredictable frequency of oral injuries caused during sporting activities. Therefore, it is our objective to manufacture our mouthguards to aid in the highest level of protection to reduce these injuries resulting from sporting activities.

Not only do we offer the highest quality custom mouthguards but we also pride ourselves on our customer service and after care. Our friendly team are willing to answer any questions or concerns regarding all of our products.


PCR Major Sponsor – AV Partners

AV Partners are the audiovisual company of choice if you are looking for a partner that can help make your next event a success. We specialise in audiovisual services, and can provide you with plenty of advice garnered from years of experience working in the industry.


Technology plays a pivotal role in the success of any event. At AVPartners, we understand that you trust us to get it right.

As a leading audiovisual outsourcing company, we ensure our equipment is state-of-the-art so we can deliver on that trust. Ensuring our equipment is state-of-the-art is a commercial imperative for the retention of our position as the market leader of our industry.


At AVPartners we recognise technology is important, but this is merely the tools of our trade.

It is our people that deliver the craftsmanship and work with you and your guests. It is our people who design, install and deliver great events.

It is our people who provide personalised, stress-free audiovisual services.


Styling an event takes imagination and skill. At AVPartners, we know how to bring all the elements together; from creative, to technical, to entertainment.

The smooth running of any event relies upon these components working harmoniously together. If you are looking for an audiovisual outsourcing company that offers audiovisual equipment hire in Australia, look no further than the dedicated team here at AVPartners. For more information regarding our services, feel free to contact us today.

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PCR Major Sponsor - PCEC

PCEC is privately owned and is operated exclusively by Spotless, a leading provider of integrated venue services.

Convention centres are more than just buildings. They are destinations to which people are drawn to connect, experience and celebrate life. In this way convention centres may be considered economic drivers: generating positive social, developmental and financial outcomes that enrich communities and serve the advancement of knowledge, information and ideas.

Through the innovative fusion of space, catering, technology and design, PCEC provides an unequalled range of meeting possibilities optimally suited to promoting positive interactions between business, industry and community.

With an estimated 900,000 people attending one (or more) of the 600 plus events conducted at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre each year, it’s no surprise PCEC is Perth’s premier business event destination.

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New Sponsors

Perth Corporate Rumble are offering a number of unique sponsorship opportunities to Perth businesses in a variety of forms outlined below.

Please contact us at for further details regarding sponsorship inclusions, benefits and costs.


Gobsmacked presents Perth Corporate Rumble is offering sponsorship opportunities for local businesses to expose their brand to both our extensive social media network and high calibre crowd (1,200 guests) attending Perth’s favourite white collar boxing challenge.

This is your opportunity to obtain prime-time exposure by headlining one of twelve fights over the course of the evening. The winner of your sponsored fight will receive a Champions Belt named after your business that will be presented by you on the night.



A very unique sponsorship opportunity whereby the official card holders represent your company in front of the anticipated 1200 guests. But in get in quick, there can only be one sponsor for this opportunity on the night!


The Gobsmacked presents Perth Corporate Rumble are offering sponsorship opportunities for Perth businesses to sponsor a boxer and expose their brand to both our extensive social media network and the high calibre crowd (1200 guests) attending Perth’s newest white collar boxing challenge.

This is your opportunity to be a part of Perth’s corporate social networking environment by sponsoring one of the brave boxers.

Get in there and back your winner today!